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Itching To Ride
Sept. 29, 2007

Geeze. Building a shed is tough, especially on the pocketbook. And I have 2 of these to build. Half way done with a main shed, and then I begin my bike shed. Woot!

Scheduled for the Mototcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) rider's course in late Oct. through my local college. A friday evening of bookwork with all day Sat. & Sun. riding the course. Can't wait!

Speaking of safety, while brousing through a motorcycle forum I ran across a link to some great words on Motorcycle Commuting Survival Strategies. Really makes you think. Check it out.

There She Is!
Sept. 8, 2007

A couple of decades ago, I owned a Honda Nighthawk 650cc motorcycle while living in San Diego. The bike and I parted after a few years, but what a time I had while riding this nimble bike.

Flash forward to today. The itch to ride again has taken hold, and I commenced to search for my new ride. I decided to upgrade to at least a 750cc and began my research. My first thought was a Honda Shadow, so I paid the local Honda dealer a visit. Once there, I admired the Shadow's looks. I flipped my leg over the seat of one and tested the feel. Nice, but the seat didn't feel right.

Across the showroom to my left sat a black bike that screamed for me to look at it. Stepping up to it, it looked vastly different than the Shadows. It had classic cruiser written all over it. Looking at the logo on the shiney tank, I saw the word Boulevard, and on the side cover displayed the model# C50. No indication of the cc engine size though. Probably in the 1400cc range, I thought. Too big. Too expensive.

She screamed at me to have a seat though, and upon sitting on it, everything about it became perfect. The looks. The feel. All of it. I signaled a roaming salesman and asked him what size this bike was: 800cc. Cost? $6200. Comparable to the Shadows I was looking at previously.

This is it! I identified my bike make/model, but much to do before I can own her. Study up on this bike, take the MSF Riders Course. Purchase my gear. Build a bike shack to house her in. Take a few months through winter 2007 to save up a down payment (unless a great off season deal presents itself), and I can own her early 2008.

Meanwhile, I'll be placing links (left) to various sites of interest regarding the Boulevard C50. Expect updates on my motorcycle adventures as they happen.

Expect some riding videos. Until then, watch the Oregon Dairy Ice Cream Ride by Southern Cruisers Riding Club, Lancaster-Lebanon Chapter #289.

Jim (aka Reptor7)