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Jack Ryder
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Ping Twangs Date Video
Am Ende der Distanz
The Saracens
The Movies Ad Contest!
Drunk Girl
Terror Tales-Of Chief Concern
Awake - Trailer
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Scholastic Films Intelligent Design
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Norad Tracks Santa (wmv)
Norad tracks Santa on Christmas Eve.

The Movies Trailer (wmv)
The Movies trailer produced by Zorbtek Studios.

Jack Ryder
The Rundorth Faction
HTML slideshow of illustrations from Jim's novel: Jack Ryder - The Rundorth Faction

And where are my movies, you ask? I'm in the middle of writing a novel and I fear the addictiveness of The Movies. I really want to get this book written first. Expect my first movie production this winter, most likely February.

Expect the first movie from Hursto-Presto Productions this winter.

The Movies is a movie studio simulation game with tools to create computer generated movies!

The Movies Online is where you can see movies created by thousands of virtual movie producers. Read below for Jim's favorite picks that will be updated every friday.

Getting Your Movie Seen: I've been getting emails from movie creators asking how to get their movies listed here. It boils down to if I've seen it, and if I liked it. As far as what movies I see, I usually just look through TMO and see what's popping up. Breaking into the top 25 of a Genre helps. A title may catch my eye or something. I've been doing random searches as well. Sometimes a movie linked in someones sig at the forum will have me looking at it. With the thousands of movies posted, I can only see but a fraction of them.

All I can say is just keep plugging away at getting your movie noticed. There's a good posting at the Lionhead forum about how to promote your movie:

[Tutorial] How to promote your movies - a step by step guide

Jim Hurst

Hidden Gems

Wow! Each week it is getting better on The Movies Online! Virtual movie directors are mastering their tools, and they are exercising their creative minds. The end result are brilliant new films uploaded to TMO.

This week, we'll start with The Movies Christmas Carol, the classic Christmas tale told in the world of The Movies. Another top gem is The Author who really wasnt, a story about an author and her book that doesn't like the style of her writing, and the book begins to change and alter itself.

Foreign films (non english) seem to be catching my eye this week, and I am grateful when there are english subtitles so that I can follow the story. One such gem is Nothing But Red, a Cantonese ghost story that is quickly climbing the charts. And then there is Shinjuku Stories 1, a great crime story of the Japaneese underground. Movies with chicken suits nomally turn me away, but this hilarious french movie titled Chicken Fabulous is a must see.

Even subtitled movies with no voice overs caught my eye, such as Hells Own Part 1, a horrific tale of murder and revenge. There are two other subtitled only films that is a must see, one which is a classic vampire tale with all the atmosphere: House Of Blood and the other a nicely shot western: The Return. All very nicely done.

Finally, there is the animated Private SNAFUs Last Cruise. No, the movie isn't original. But it is an impressive display of using a tool (The Movies Game) beyond its potential.

Phew! It's been another great week for movie viewing on The Movies Online. Come back next week for more Gems that Jim Picks!

Rating The Movies

On The Movies Online, you can rate a movie by giving it from one to five stars. You can also give a short critique of the film.

Use the guide below to help decide the number of stars.

0-Star: Yuck. Really bad. It doesn't even deserve a critique.
1-Star: An average movie that for some reason you don't really like.
2-Star: A good movie that is still far from perfect.
3-Star: A good movie that has some unique or very good features
4-Star: An exceptional good movie, only one or a few minor issues like the lack of voice acting is keeping this movie from winning 5-Stars.
5-Star: This movie has everything: it's amazing, got voice acting, music, continuity, a plot etc...

Happy viewing!

Jack Ryder
Oil Painting
ISC Theater