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Jack Ryder
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Independent studios are sites that host their own movies outside of TMO. If you have a website that hosts movies made with The Movies game, drop me an email and let me know.

Independent Studios

Republic Of Abboland

Now Showing at TMO!

Chicken Delivery Part 1

A man stuck in a chicken suit begins an adventure that is out of this world!

Part 2 coming soon!

Now Showing

Grab some popcorn and take a seat in a Hursto-Presto Studio Theater below!

The Movies Trailer (wmv)
The Movies trailer produced by Zorbtek Studios.

Jack Ryder
The Rundorth Faction
HTML slideshow of illustrations from Jim's novel: Jack Ryder - The Rundorth Faction

And where are my movies, you ask? I'm in the middle of writing a novel and I fear the addictiveness of The Movies. I really want to get this book written first.

After my first 2 movies (Chicken Delivery Part 1 & 2) I plan to hunker down and finish the novel before producing more movies. Expect full movie production in March 2006.


Woot! It's a new year, and my first movie with full voice overs was just released! Chicken Delivery is my first attempt to create a movie using Lionheads The Movies™ game. I hope you like it!

Part 2 should be ready for release by Fri. Jan. 6, and features some animation.

Rating The Movies

On The Movies Online, you can rate a movie by giving it from one to five stars. You can also give a short critique of the film.

Use the guide below to help decide the number of stars.

0-Star: Yuck. Really bad. It doesn't even deserve a critique.
1-Star: An average movie that for some reason you don't really like.
2-Star: A good movie that is still far from perfect.
3-Star: A good movie that has some unique or very good features
4-Star: An exceptional good movie, only one or a few minor issues like the lack of voice acting is keeping this movie from winning 5-Stars.
5-Star: This movie has everything: it's amazing, got voice acting, music, continuity, a plot etc...

Happy viewing!

Jack Ryder
Oil Painting
ISC Theater