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SPINDRIFT Casting Call


Auditions are now closed for the movie Spindrift.

There are plenty of seats available for supporting cast members, so if you'd like to be part of the project and have your name in the credits just let me know:

Jim (Reptor7) Hurst

Seen Star Quest?

Jack Colbey: Justin Meier

Lead roll. The leader of the group.

As the pilot of the Spindrift, Jack takes responsibility for the safety of the passengers. A quick thinker, and risk taker with a big ego.


Paul Jackson: Paul Rhodes

Paul is second in command of the Spindrift and the co-pilot. He is irked that he didn’t get the command pilot position and he is always questioning himself as to why. After all, he is just as qualified.


Janet Monroe: Vachelle Fant

Janet is one of the Spindrift stewardess’. Her job is to see to the passenger’s safety, comfort, and needs. She is always hogging the spotlight to Jack’s chagrin. She uses her sex appeal to get what she wants,and what she wants is fame.


Eddie Price: Sean (Armanus) Heimbuch

Eddie is a rock musician in search of a band. He was not having success in San Francisco, and being broke he was at the verge of giving up when his girlfriend/manager Cindy used the last of her savings to fly him to London on the Spindrift to spark his career.


Cindy Olson: Megan Hurst

Cindy is Eddie’s girlfriend and manager. She used the last of her savings to fly Eddie to London hoping the publicity and new location would spark his career.


Sarah Livingston: Julia (Mystified) Anthony

Sarah is the other Stewardess. Hard working with a passion for her job, she is the complete opposite of Janet. She truely cares about the passengers needs and safety.


Denton: Jorge (Act3scene24) Campos

Denton is just a lucky dude. His buddy Chuck won a lottery for a free ride for two on the Spindrift’s first flight. Very inquisitive, but his questions normally lead to ironic twists.


Chuck: Nahton

Chuck is Denton’s best buddy. It was Chuck who won the two tickets and invited Denton to go on the trip with him (claims his excellent memory helped him pick the correct numbers). He answers questions in an indirect way forcing the questioner to narrow the question down


Supporting Cast

Gerald Lang