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Jack Ryder
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Coming Soon 2007

No, this is not a movie I am making. Rather, it is a new game by the creator of The Sims due to be released sometime in 2007!

After finishing my novel Jack Ryder - The Rundorth Faction 2, I now have some spare time on my hands and decided to do some gaming. Browsing through my old games, it was "done that", "done this", etc. FPS, RTS, flight sims, all just didn't interest me anymore. I needed something new. Something different.

While I was at the local Babbages software store some time ago, I overheard conversation about a new game coming out soon titled Spore. The talk was excited, so I decided to do some investigating.

Between what I have read at GameSpy and IGN, and after watching gameplay videos at YouTube, I got excited about it myself!

Click the links above and check it out. It may be something that you've been waiting for.