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A Hursto Presto Series

Now Showing: Star Quest Trilogy

All 13 episodes combined into 3 movies!


Each Aprox. 12min

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12 Part 1
Episode 12 Part 2 Finale


Each Aprox. 40min

SQ Trilogy 1
SQ Trilogy 2
SQ Trilogy 3




Now Showing: Star Quest Trilogy

All 13 episodes combined into 3 40 min. movies!

What happens when a lone motorcyclist gets lost in the woody backroads of North Carolina at night? He gets abducted by aliens, of course!

Follow Stu Baker as he begins an adventure in the vast blackness of space! Yes, there are ray guns and robots too!

Stu: Reptor7

Stu is the motorcyclist abducted in Episode 1. His main role is to move the story forward because he is new to the ways of the universe around him and always has questions to be answered. A typical California dude who is easy going and open minded, but freaks out at times.

Victor: roguevirus / Ubernewbie

Victor is the leader of the crew of the saucer called Jupiter 3. He is quick to act and takes command, but is easily aggrivated by others. The actor playing Victor will be quite busy as he usually has the most screen time.

Dillon: Act3scene24

Dillon is the brash pilot of the Jupiter 3. He is Victor's right hand man, but his youth and inexperience often gets him into trouble. Quick to act without thinking, and sometimes doesn't make the right choice. He thinks he is god's gift to women.

George: Reptor7

George is the technical/fix-it type. It was he who found the derelict saucer on a distant planet while he and a group were hiding from the Urki aliens and practically rebuilt and upgraded it himself. All the computer data and history of the ship was missing, but a lone plaque with the name "Jupiter 2" inspired its new name: Jupiter 3.

Maggie: yvedt

Maggie is the skilled daughter of the ship's technician George. As he is climbing in age, he relys on her to do much of the physical work keeping the Jupiter 3 running. Tomboyish in nature, and a real greesemonkey who's not afraid to get dirty, she has a worker bot to lend her a hand. She is very attached to the bot, often referring to it as her pet.

Sonya: QueenOfHearts

Sonya is the scientist of the group. She is facinated by the wonders of the universe and new discoveries excite her. She shrugged off Dillon's sexual advances many times in the past, but once had a short relationship with him. Her new interest in Stu causes a rift between Stu and Dillon.

Visker: Davidwww

Visker is a half Urki, half human hybrid. Like most hybrids, he rose against the Urki after finding out about the human abductions. His own mother was an abducted human who was returned to earth years ago with forced amnesia. He'd like to meet her one day. Visker speaks in a calm, soothing matter-of-fact voice and rarely gets excited.

Jinn: Sisch

Like Visker, Jinn is a half Urki, half human hybrid. That is the only similarity as she is quick tempered and has a sharp tongue. She is jealous of Lola's beauty, and considers herself ugly. She had a hard upbringing and is very good with weapons and combat.

Harry: Gerald

Harry is a cop who was abducted just before Stu was. He shows no respect for anyone, unless as a tool to get his way. His only goal is to get back to earth, at all costs. He is very demanding and has no patience.

Beeper: CPU

Beeper is the worker bot who not only helps Maggie work on the ship, but it is also her "pet". It wanders around the ship doing routine tasks and at times may get into comical situations. It doesn't speak, but it beeps, and Maggie is the only one who seems to understand what Beeper says.