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Expect the full official TMO TV site to open soon.

TMO TV Network

Updated listing:


SUN 12
Imagination Wednesdays
Mechanisms Pilot
DOOM LEGION origin of doom

TUE 14
Action Monday
Xavier Pilot
Bind Pilot

THU 16
TGIF Comedies (United Edition)
The Manny Jones Show
Aussie Thread RIP
Buddy and the Zombie Shorts
We Come In Peace

SUN 19
Sunday Premieres
The Disciple Part 2
She Will Always Live Forever 3, Part 2
Mustachio Trailer

TUE 21
Casual Thursdays (United Edition)
Game Station III

SUN 26
Saturday Morning Cartoons
The TMOer News
Sniffy 6
King Kung POW Hokeymon

TUE 28
Action Night
Brotherís Keeper Bronx Brothers 4

THU 30
Casual Thursdays
Peep Show Pilot & Episode 2


Imagination Wednesdays
Mechanisms Episode 2
We Come In Peace Episode 2

TGIF Friday Comedies (United Edition)
Anothony Buttafuco Are You Talkiní To Me

Halloween In November
Halloween In November running from November 16-19

SUN 10
BOND movies from TMO

News: Updated Listing

From a post by WorldPictures:

Everything in our calendar for the next three weeks is tentative, but it gives you an idea on how everything should go. We are now going to be airing things not on a daily basis. The day things are released will now more than likely not match with the promotion night because we donít have enough time in the studio to get it done.


World Studios with VMPAI, Jhurst, Sony Music Studios, and WP Diva Search 2007 proudly presents TMO TV, where TMO changes it's viewing habits. Nobody Does It Better where the chicks really dig TMO TV.

There is a new online television network now showing at computer near you. WorldPictures, in association with the Virtual Motion Picture Academy, is bringing to you a network with a collaboration of shows that is guaranteed to entertain and delight: TMO TV!

Note that the official TMO TV site is still being set up and it is with great honor that Hursto Presto Studios was asked to host the first shows for the network this upcoming October 24, 2006. Keep an eye out on The Movies forum for official news. I'll pass it on here once I get it. Note that Hursto Presto Studios is only a contributor and not affiliated with TMO TV.

News: TMO TV Chatroom Is Now Open!

As posted by WorldPictures:

Folks you may now enter our shared CCWE Chatroom setted up by Tommy Jackson. You guys can chat here all day with your TMO TV studios compadres. Here it goes:

Note: Just enter your name and hit ok.