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Wizard World Casting Call

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Wizard World
A Hursto Presto Production

It is with great pleasure to introduce a new production by Hursto Presto Studios: Wizard World.

The casting call is now closed.

Casting Call

Synopsis: Classic tale of a princess is kidnapped, and her loverís attempt to rescue her.

Wizard World Part 1 of 2: A wizardís apprentice and the kingís daughter, being secretly in love, sneak away from town and romance begins in a secluded forest. An evil sorceress and her 2 henchmen discover that the princess and apprentice, both teens, are alone and they plan to capture the kingís daughter. The princess is captured, but the apprentice survives the attack and escapes into the forest. Thus begins his attempt to rescue her (part 2).


Look at the various characters and decide which ones youíd like to audition for. You can audition for more than one. There is the possibility that I may decide your voice fits a particular character rather than the one you auditioned.

Record the sample line and save it as a .wav file. You will need a microphone, and audio recording software. I recommend a free downloadable audio recorder program titled Audacity:

Professional microphones use a windsock that covers the microphone to muffle the sound and reduce pops from syllables, especially those that start with a ĎPí. I use an ole cheapo from WalMart. That is fine, and a windsock is not needed if you speak over the microphone instead of into it to reduce the pops.

Once saved, you need to get the .wav file to me. Place the .wav file into a folder titled audition. If auditioning for more than one character, place them all in the same folder. Include a readme text file (Word or Notepad) with contact information and how you want your name to be in the credits. Right click folder and choose to compress into a .zip or .rar file.

Email the zipped folder as an attachment to

Alternatively, you can place your .wav audio file onto a free file hosting service where I can download it. I recommend using the free video/audio file hosting site at: Email me the URL of the file you uploaded to the file hosting site.

The Voice Actors who are picked for the roles will be sent the script via email mid Feb.

Thatís it! I look forward to listening to your auditions.

This is gonna be fun!

Jim Hurst


Zebbie (Zeb)

Male teen. Wizard apprentice.

Starring: sidge14

Princess Leora.

Female teen. Kingís daughter.

Starring: Mhurst

Sorceress Zera

Old adult. The evil villain.

Starring: JHurst

Lizard King.

Male adult. Evil villain.

Starring: EmeraldEdge


Male adult. Evil villain.

Starring: IG-88 Studios

King Mango.

Male aged adult.

Starring: EmeraldEdge