SPINDRIFT A Hursto Presto Production

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Status: In Production

In 1968 a new T.V. series premiered: Land Of The Giants by Irwin Allen.

Spindrift is a remake of the pilot episode of Land Of The Giants by Irwin Allen. It will be an original story, however, with different characters and a much larger ship created by the mad modder himself David Williams. The series is currently in production.


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Spindrift 4 In Production


Jack: Justin Meir
Paul: Paul Rhodes
Janet: Vachelle Fant
Eddie: Sean (Armanus) Heimbuch
Cindy: Megan Hurst
Sarah: Julia (Mystified) Anthony
Tod: Gerald (PapaG) Lang
Chuck: Nahton

Special Appearance:
Reporter: Jane Hurst
Traffic Control: Shawn Hess