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Tribute To Bjork

Now Showing!
Wizard World 2

Welcome to the Hursto Presto studio movies page. To the right are posters that are the entrance to various lobbies. Just click the poster of your choice to begin viewing.

Now showing is this studio's latest release: Wizard World 2.


Hursto Presto
Studio Theater

What's a theater without an arcade? Check it out!

Rating The Movies

On The Movies Online, you can rate a movie by giving it from one to five stars. You can also give a short critique of the film.

Use the guide below to help decide the number of stars.

0-Star: Yuck. Really bad. It doesn't even deserve a critique.
1-Star: A movie that for some reason you don't really like.
2-Star: A good movie that was missing something, such as a plot, continuity, sound, originality, etc.
3-Star: A good movie that has some unique or very good features
4-Star: An exceptional good movie, only one or a few minor issues is keeping this movie from winning 5-Stars.
5-Star: This movie has everything: it's amazing, got great voice acting, music, continuity, a plot etc...

Happy viewing!