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A few of the full page illustrations in Jack Ryder - The Particle Effect, illustrated by Bill Webb.

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Star Quest On SciFinal

It was one of those emails I received that made my eyes pop out: A personal invitation from the webmaster of SciFinal to have Star Quest promoted and streamed to their site. Scifinal? I went to it and digged deeper.

As stated on their site: SciFinal is a web directory focused on providing information and links about independently produced science fiction web series. Show producers are encouraged to login and create a showpage today. If you're a show creator, SciFinal is a free way to promote your show. For viewers, SciFinal is a way to learn about exciting sci-fi shows you may not be familiar with.

Looking at their site, it's all live action, and some really great stuff. Star Quest is the first Machinima production there as far as I can tell.

Now, the first part of the Star Quest Trilogy is there with a link taking the viewer to the other two parts of the trilogy. If you have yet to check out SciFinal, give it a peek!

Star Quest Completed

I know. You'd hit this news page and say "Huh? No updates?" It's been almost a year, but a busy year indeed! All my updates were another short episode of Star Quest. Then another. And another. Untill finally after 12 months we have a complete series of 13 episodes.

If you've seen the episodes, you've also seen the space freighter scenes. These were done by Act3Scene24 (Jorge) who also provided the vocals for Dillon.

I've compiled all the episodes into a full length feature, but this lil computer of mine could not render it so I turned it into a trilogy now viewable on my movies page. I'm really proud how Star Quest came out, and I give thanks to the international cast for donating their great vocals.

What next? Another movie, of course. But first I need to get a new system so that I can deliver a better visual experience and to render more that 30 seconds at a time. But meanwhile, I've already got a basic premise for my next movie and it is currently in development. Stay tuned!

Star Quest 3 A Moviestorm Featured Movie!

Shortfuze, the creators of Moviestorm, would at times embed a Moviestorm movie that caught their eye on their home page as a featured movie. To my surprise, yesterday I found Star Quest 3 on their homepage as a featured movie!

I am honored, but the real credit goes to the voice actors who helped bring the characters to life. Check out the Star Quest Page to see the cast and crew of Star Quest!

First Official Movie Released

Sorry for the 2 month break from any updates, but I have not been idle! Since the early beta of Moviestorm, and with Moviestorm officially being launched with numerous expansions, I have concluded with short tests and demo clips and have begun the first official Hursto Presto movie series using the Moviestorm engine!

And thus it begins, with the just released Part 1 of Star Quest! Expect Part 2 to be released mid to late January.

ISS Stormbringer

The Interstellar Space Ship Stormbringer has left spacedock, and is now available as an addon pack free for Moviestorm! Special thanks to davidwww for helping me with sketchup and getting it converted correctly.

Click Here to download!

Google Sketchup

It's all Moviestormer modder Davidwww's fault. His work in creating props with sketchup inspired me to give sketchup a shot. My first shot was this spaceship model based on my Jack Ryder novels. Cick here to see the prototype's first experimental fight! Include Hubble space telescope images for backdrops. Enjoy!

Paranormal Investigator On Hold

Coming soon, is a Moviestorm Crime Pack with costumes, sets, animations, and other assets essential for a proper Paranormal Investigator. So, the Moviestorm Paranormal Investigator is on hold until the Crime Pack is released.

To make up for it, Hursto Presto Studios released a new Presto Report unlike any other! The Presto Report hosts the first 2008 Presidental Debate, while a rogue Pentagon General hatches a scheme to ensure McCains victory... even if Obama wins the election!

And, for you who frequent this studio's news page, you can see The Presto Report 2008 Election Debate on a special large screen: Check it out!

The Presto Report: Sept 2008

For our first post Moviestorm beta movie, Hursto Presto Studios decided to return to it's roots to an earlier series created previously with The Movies by Lionhead, and flex Moviestorm's muscles with a new episode of Paranormal Investigator. The expected date of release is unknown as we are expecting the Moviestorm Crime Pack in the near (hopefully) future.

A newly released Presto Report gives some details. You should be able to spot Inspector Dick O'malley in the crowd.

Check out the old episodes of Paranormal Investigator if you haven't seen them yet!

In The Spotlight

I used to highlight favorite movies created by other users of The Movies game on a page titled Movie Of The Week. Since I've stopped using The Movies and entered the beta of Moviestorm, the Movie Of The Week page was discontinued.

With Moviestorm ending its beta phase and having its official launch, and with me beginning my first movie production since last year, I decided to begin a listing of favorite Moviestorm productions made by other producers. Check it out!

Narrowing Down Next Project

There had been an interesting influx of new subscribers to my youtube account. I assume that they enjoyed my short movies and subscribed for notification of new stuff.

This, in effect, has me wondering about my priorities. It's been awhile since I've created a new movie with The Movies and Moviestorm. I've been concentrating on my next novel instead (preplanning stage). Perhaps I should concentrate on Moviestorm.

There had been a lot of upgrades to Moviestorm recently. New stuff to experiment with including a Sci-Fi addon. Looks like I am drifting toward another movie.

Next Novel Under Consideration

After testing the new Moviestorm movie making tool, I decided to reinstall Lionhead's The Movies game to continue my Mechanisms series and perhaps finish Wizard World. I have to admit, that doing so is more difficult than I thought. After a year of being away from The Movies game I had to relearn how to use it, and getting the next Mechanisms movie completed had been problematic. It may not get done.

The Muse is still there, those fleeting thoughts and story ideas that I reach out to as they float by. But these story ideas cannot be told with either The Movies or Moviestorm, and I feel the need to tell these stories with words rather than images, so I am leaning toward writing my next novel.

My first novel titled Jack Ryder - The Rundorth Faction and it's sequel was written with tweens in mind, those who are between 10 and 13 yrs of age, but thoughts of a more adult orientated tale had been with me since the beginning of 2008.

I have a general idea of the theme and some character concepts for my next novel, but I will hold off giving any details. I can tell you, however, that it will be thriller/horror based and the main character rides a motorcycle, with the concept coming into fruition after getting my own bike.

I'll drop a note throughout the novel's development to let you know how it's going.

Jim (Reptor7)

Mechanisms & Wizard World Back In Production

It looks like at least another year before Moviestorm is developed enough to begin production on the Jack Ryder project. The are 2 series (Mechanisms & Wizard World) that still needs to be completed, so The Movies game is being reinstalled.

Our computer needs reformatting, and The Movies game needs serious modding before work can begin. Scripts & story boards need to be drawn up, so expect the next episode of Mechanisms around April/May of 2008 followed by Wizard World 3.

We plan to use some elements of Moviestorm with The Movies. Below is a test fight between Mr. Presto of The Movies vrs. Mr. Presto of Moviestorm using greenscreen sfx:

The winner of the fight will host the next Presto Report. Check it out!

Prologue First Draft Script

Completed the first draft pdf script of the Prologue for the Jack Ryder movie. I zipped it up and you can download it here if you want to read it. All work on the movie is now on hold until child characters are available for Moviestorm.

Meanwhile, I am preparing to purchase a Suziki Boulevard C50 soon. I've created a dedicated page for those who would like to read my motorcycle exploits.

Final Tests

Completed the final movie tests using particles and chroma key. As to beginning pre-production of the Jack Ryder movie, it will begin once child/teen characters are available for Moviestorm.

Until then, I will produce a few movies unrelated to the project, and I have a lot of home projects to complete as well. Expect the next update late Sept. 2007.

Even More Progress

Was directed to a thread that confirmed work being done on child/teen characters:

"We are already onto these - but we have some work to do on new skeletons and bones so the animations will work. (reaching for door knobs, for instance)"

Back on track for a movie version of my novel. Woot!

Revdoug did some more work on the cone shaped robot called Paperweight:

And, I played around with particle effects some more:

There is a very good possibility that child/teen characters may not be available at least a year or more after release of Moviestorm. This would prevent me from making a movie version of my novel.

However, I am leaning toward a series with Jack Ryder and his friends with events that happen after the book. Our heros are older now at 18, and though still young there are many adventures to come. More on this as events unfold.


The Moviestorm beta is going well. A lot more content is needed before I can even begin to start on the movie version of Jack Ryder - The particle Effect. Jack begins the story as a young 13 yr. old, and child characters are needed.

I just finished a particle experiment (below). It will not be the final version of particles, but I now know how to make them with Vegas Movies Studio:

Particle Experiment

Action! Need Action!

The Moviestorm Open Beta began with a new version of Moviestorm. I've been experimenting with animations and character interaction, and I see great potential for drama and character driven stories. Jack Ryer - The Particle Effect has lots of action, so I am hoping for future expansions to fill that gap.

There will be great relience on user created content such as sets, costumes, and props. Some created by myself, and others by the mod community. Hoping for pre-production to begin after New Year 2008.

First On The Team

Experimentaion with Moviestorm is going good. My main goal is to see how much character control I have, and by the looks of it... There is VERY much control. Much more to do, as Moviestorm is still in an early beta phase. But, there are great enhancements in the works by the developer Short Fuze.

Out of the blue, came a short video clip of one of the main characters: Paperweight.

Also a Moviestorm beta tester, revdoug created this great prototype robot for Jack Ryder - The Particle Effect Movie. I'm not going to be able to make this movie alone, and I welcome revdoug as the first of the team in the project. For his help, he received a free signed copy of the novel.

Thanks, revdoug! :)

Initial Phase

The novel Jack Ryder - The Particle Effect is complete. Now, Hursto Presto studios is planning the movie version. Currently in pre-production, we are experimenting with Moviestorm, the computer movie making tool by Short Fuze.

To the left are a few of the illustrations in the novel by Bill Webb. Moviestorm will require a lot of custom content to depict the same imagry, and this studio will endeaver to show the story as it was ment to be shown.

If you had yet to read the novel, you can read the Prologue and first three chapters Here.