Merged Centuries
Oil Painting

by Jim Hurst

Merging Centuries

Today, a new way to paint has taken root. The Old World "grisaille" underpainting technique and the recent fast Wet-On-Wet technique merged, enabling many to not only paint beautiful landscapes, but to also place subjects such as people, animals, and buildings.

Art Publications


Grisaille basically means "shades of gray", a monochromatic underpainting of various shades of a single value plus white such as black and white, umber (brown) and white, green and white, etc. The grisaille underpainted subject is rendered with fast drying acrylic paint and once dried, the background is completed using the fantastic modern Wet-On-Wet oil painting technique. The monochromatic acrylic underpainted subject is then "glazed" with transparent oil colors. The painting is further darkened and highlighted with oil to give it life.

Merged Centuries oil painting publications contain individual step-by-step oil painting projects. You can order Merged Centuries Books, and/or download the less expensive pdf versions online. Some free previews contain the entire book! Highly recommended is the Merged Centuries Collectors Edition as it is packed with information on technique, art concepts, tools of the trade, making your own palette and easel, and more! Includes two oil painting projects (Diver & Tomcat).