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Jack Ryder - The Rundorth Faction

Now available! Read the free preview of the Prologue and first Three Chapters and decide for yourself!


Jack Ryder: The Rundorth Faction

A Science-Fantasy novel written and illustrated by Jim Hurst. Read a free preview (Adobe pdf) of the first three chapters!

Getting Your Hands On A Copy

Read about where to find Jack Ryder - The Rundorth Faction locally and at major online book stores such as and


It's A Race

I'm in a race against time. Currently, I am writing a novel titled Jack Ryder - The Particle Effect, the sequel to my first published novel Jack Ryder - The Rundorth Faction. The sequel is expected to be completed spring 2006.

The Movies game, which has a powerful movie making tool, is slated to be released this upcoming November.

The temptation to sink myself into making movies will be great upon the release of The Movies, but I'll be concentrating on getting the sequel done first. I will, however, produce some short experimental movies as I get a feel for the movie making tool. Knowing my wife, she'll probably make me put it under the Christmas tree making me stare at the wrapped box for a month. Ack!

Did You Know

My publications such as the Jack Ryder novel and all oil painting books has a free preview of a few pages if not a few chapters. These previews are in pdf file format. Make sure you have Adobe Reader to view the preview, but chances are you already have it installed.

Some of the previews are of the entire book.
The books with full free previews are:

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Merged Centuries Starship Edition
Merged Centuries Silhouette Edition


Newsletter Subscription Launched

Several years ago, I created a series of slideshows called ISC Theater based on Taldren's Starfleet Command game series. At the time I started a newsletter, and after the last episode was produced the newsletter was dropped.

The nerwsletter has been revived and redesigned to reflect the Jack Ryder novel and new movies that I will be producing. The Hursto-Presto Studio newsletter will include:

Latest news before it hits the website.
Exclusive first peeks of the development of the sequel Jack Ryder - The Particle Effect
Subscriber only content including the sequel's illustrations and paragraph samples.
Subscriber only details on the production of new movies.

Expect the newsletter to be sent out at least monthly starting October 1st. Subscribe today!

The Movies

New slideshow promo of Jack Ryder - The Rundorth Faction. Included are 2 sneak peaks of Bill Webb's early concept illustrations in silhouette form. Bill is busy illustrating the sequel: Jack Ryder - The Particle Effect which is currently being written and slated to be released early spring 2006.

Soon to be released is a new computer game which is as much a movie making tool than it is a game: The Movies. I've been following the development of this game this past year and am very excited about the prospect of turning some of my story ideas into Machinima, computer generated movies that you can view for free over the net. Expect some movies soon after the sequel Jack Ryder - The Particle Effect is released.


The writing of the sequel to Jack Ryder - The Rundorth Faction is going well. I'm getting excited about the mental imagery of what I write, and even more excited about the illustrations that will come. The sequel will be illustrated by the master penmanship of Bill Webb, the same artist who helped me lay out the Merged Centuries series of oil painting books that I published. You'll get to see a sample of his work as the sequel progresses toward completion.

Before I made the movie slideshow of the illustrations for the first book: Jack Ryder - The Rundorth Faction, at the top of this page, I made a html slideshow that showed larger images at a slower pace, and with different music running in the background:

You can right click and save the images you want as you view them for your desktop. If using an image for distribution (print/website), all I ask is to have Jack Ryder - The Rundorth Faction credited as its source with a link to If you havn't seen the sideshow yet, give it a peek!

Speaking of illustrations, I will be publishing a 2006 calendar featuring 12 full color illustrations from the first book. Details coming soon!

Bill and Jim