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Grab some popcorn and take a seat in a Hursto-Presto Studio Theater below!

The Movies Trailer (wmv)
The Movies trailer produced by Zorbtek Studios.

Love Bite (wmv)
A sample movie released by Activision just days prior to the release of The Movies game.

Jack Ryder
The Rundorth Faction
HTML slideshow of illustrations from Jim's novel: Jack Ryder - The Rundorth Faction

And where are my movies, you ask? I'm in the middle of writing a novel and I fear the addictiveness of The Movies. I really want to get this book written first. Expect my first movie production this winter, most likely January.

The Movies is a movie studio simulation game with tools to create computer generated movies!

The Movies Online is where you can see movies created by thousands of virtual movie producers. Read below for Jim's favorite picks that will be updated every friday.

Expect the first movie from Hursto-Presto Productions this winter.

Hidden Gems

Yeah, I keep hunting for hidden gems, but when there is a movie released that shouts blockbuster, it gets noticed. That happened last weekend when a movie based upon a classic was released: King Kong 1940. I've been waiting for this. The Movies game has a movie making tool with its limitations, but StevenKreg broke outside its boundaries and created what will be known as the first The Movies blockbuster. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it now!

It's difficult to find hidden gems when the raters push a movie into the charts that begs attention, such as Carpe Diem, a well done supernatural chiller with full voice-overs and custom music. And then there is the must see shocker Am Ende der Distanz.

You have also got to see Ping Twangs Date Video, a great comedy that introduced what could be the first virtual movie celebrity! I hope to see more of Ping Twang in the future.

I did find a real Hidden Gem, though: The Saracens. Though lacking in story and character depth, The Saracens is a must see for its technical mastery and overall joy to watch. It's serious eye candy!

It's been another great week for movie viewing on The Movies Online. Come back next week for more Gems that Jim Picks!

Rating The Movies

On The Movies Online, you can rate a movie by giving it from one to five stars. You can also give a short critique of the film.

Use the guide below to help decide the number of stars.

0-Star: Yuck. Really bad. It doesn't even deserve a critique.
1-Star: An average movie that for some reason you don't really like.
2-Star: A good movie that is still far from perfect.
3-Star: A good movie that has some unique or very good features
4-Star: An exceptional good movie, only one or a few minor issues like the lack of voice acting is keeping this movie from winning 5-Stars.
5-Star: This movie has everything: it's amazing, got voice acting, music, continuity, a plot etc...

Happy viewing!

Jack Ryder
Oil Painting
ISC Theater