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The adventure continues with Part 5 of the Mechanisms series!

Previously, Dustin Case, a space traveler, gets stranded on a deserted planet. Over time, planet conditions caused him to pass out but he is discovered and saved by a robotic being called a Mechanism.

Dustin wakes up alone on a different planet in a strange room and makes his way downstairs where he finds the Mechanism who saved him (Blue) and a 2nd Mechanism (Goldie). The 2 Mechanisms are the last to survive an alien attack 30 years ago. Dustin asks for help to find his way back home, but the only ship available is a small 2 seat shuttle.

The Mechanisms agree to help the human, but one Mechanism had to be left behind. Thus begins the space traveler's journey home!


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Star Trek: The Other Generation Part 1

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Now showing on TMO!


By Jim Hurst

A space traveler is stranded on a deserted planet. Thus begins the journey of Dustin Case as he searches for a way back home.

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3-Star: A good movie that has some unique or very good features
4-Star: An exceptional good movie, only one or a few minor issues is keeping this movie from winning 5-Stars.
5-Star: This movie has everything: it's amazing, got great voice acting, music, continuity, a plot etc...

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Jack Ryder
Oil Painting
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